My Eclipsed Scars & How I Found Christ - Part 2

Three months after we had settled in our new home, a  3-bedroom apartment, we joined the closest Catholic Church  and everything began to follow the usual routine again. Mum joined the C.W.O of that parish, my elder brothers joined the Rosary Brigade Guide & an O' War while I joined the Block Rosary Crusade  in preparation to receive the First Holy Communion.

How I looked forward to that day. I dreamt about it a lot - walking down the aisle in my white dress, my palms held together in front of me as i knelt in front the Priest (giggles...). Every Catholic child always looked forward to that titillating experience. I don't recall ever seeing dad visit the Church even  on Sundays, but as usual, it was okay since mum was already an active member so she prayed for him too. (I could only hope so).

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Did I mention  that dad was a principled disciplinarian? He was very strict, or rather - stern which s the word I'd prefer to use. We weren't allowed to visit friends and when  I persisted, he'd ask, "How many times has

My Eclipsed Scars & How I Found Christ Part 1

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Life is not a bed of roses and the sooner we come to terms with this reality, the better for us. We've also been told by our great motivational speakers and authors that we should let go of the past and it's baggage that would always keep us stagnant or draw us back if we keep holding on to it. But....

What if the past has refused to let us go? What if the past has

Changing My Accent For Quick Success | Vlogs & Lifestyle

I really don't understand why people always like to impose their standards and ideas on people, like we don't have a mind of our own. Haba?

Meanwhile, you're welcome back to the blog jare and if this is your first time, here's a big hug from me saying welcome and I trust that life has been fair to you since my last post.

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So, I received an email from this weird fellow (he sounded weird, trust me). He said so many lovely things about my YouTube Channel.  But he had

This Thing Called 'White Man's Sickness | Tips To Help You Overcome It

Have you ever felt so moody lately that you just wanted to get away from everyone around you and stay locked up in a world where only 'you' exists? Have you ever being so upset to to point that you judged yourself as 'never' going to be enough for yourself, not to talk of of others? If you answered yes to those questions then you likely are already plagued with the white man's sickness and you need

How To Handle That Insecurity

It's good to have you here today and I hope‎ your weekend was exhilarating. Mine was awesome because I slept virtually through the entire weekend (laughs) and I'm glad I did as I feel more refreshed and ready for the month of November.

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Alas, the year is about to come to end and everyone is warming up for the festive season (except me...I just don't have that eagerness for

Yay! We got Nominated | Sunshine Blogger Awards

Yah! Guys, I just got nominated for the 'Sunshine Bloggers Award and I have been having mixed feelings - between excitement and wondering how much impact I must have been making to deserve the award.

So I was nominated by Azeh Praise who is also a motivational blogger here. His articles are amazing and always philosophical. 

So here are the rules-

Who Will Save The Next Generation?

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Too many questions are running through my mind as I pen down this post right now and forgive me, you must, as I do not have the enthusiasm for the ceremonial 'hey guys, welcome to my blog and so on' greetings.

Sometimes, I wonder what our generation really did? Where did we go wrong? Why does it seem like things are or might get worse instead of better?

I remember those days when I was very little; a sweet innocent girl who only saw beauty, roses and all the goodness of the world I had been born into.

My favorite memories from childhood included playing 'daddy & mommy' games, where I always loved to cook grass mixed with sand & used stones as vegetables while 'daddy' drove his car to work to get money for me to take to market to buy the household needs. I cherished those moments when I, my friends and siblings would run around the compound singing those songs we....

My First Kiss | Relationship

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Hey dear, thanks for coming back again and if its your first time on my blog, you are most welcome too. Today, I'm going to be sharing a rather personal story (laughs) and I'm sure the title has already given you a hint into what It's about.

Everyone has had a crush on the opposite sex at one time or the other, you know na, that guy or girl with whom you're so attracted to and you'll always conjure a lot of fantasies in your head about this person. I had such too or rather, too many because I'm always so attracted to any guy who is fair in complexion and handsome...lols. But it wasn't him. It was someone else.

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Me, sometime in 2011

It was in my first year and I had just settled down in school; I didn't resume early so there was a little difficulty in getting accommodation. I had to join two girls in their flat, write make- up tests and assignments. The hassle and stress of meeting up was so much that I forgot to make friends. The 'only' friend I had....

Monster Love - 2 | Guest Post

By: Handsome Okwu

Legs wide open, blood on the floor with moans from dying lungs forming the tune. The last flash of moon was with a string of memory.

16 and untold, all the truth, only a heavy heart can bear. What must be done before the circle unfolds?

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For my secret has conceived a child and my child must be