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Hey dear, thanks for coming back again and if its your first time on my blog, you are most welcome too. Today, I'm going to be sharing a rather personal story (laughs) and I'm sure the title has already given you a hint into what It's about.

Everyone has had a crush on the opposite sex at one time or the other, you know na, that guy or girl with whom you're so attracted to and you'll always conjure a lot of fantasies in your head about this person. I had such too or rather, too many because I'm always so attracted to any guy who is fair in complexion and handsome...lols. But it wasn't him. It was someone else.

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Me, sometime in 2011

It was in my first year and I had just settled down in school; I didn't resume early so there was a little difficulty in getting accommodation. I had to join two girls in their flat, write make- up tests and assignments. The hassle and stress of meeting up was so much that I forgot to make friends. The 'only' friend I had then was one of my roommates who was also my coursemate and trust me, she really came through for (I still cherish her so much for those early days).

Barely three weeks after I resumed, exams were fixed so I just decided to chill in my room and read as much as I could from the text books. There were fifteen of them and Oh boy, it wasn't easy either.

I started receiving calls from one strange number like that, especially at night. It was a bass and coarse voice that would always call to check up on me....and those 'have you eaten? How was your day' lines. This person knew my name but each time I asked for his own name, he'd just exclaim 'haba, you mean you still don't know who you are talking to?' and end the call. But then, I was already warming up to him cos he was giving me the attention I needed at the time. It was after two weeks that I remembered that I had given one fine, yellow bobo my number oo. Chai! Yes...that day I was rushing for Mr Okiyi's test. I wanted to buy a pen by the school gate & this guy had approached me but I absentmindedly gave him my number just so I could go and write my test in peace.

The next time he called, I got to know he was Emmanuel and, we quickly agreed on a day to meet. Emmanuel said he didn't want to stress me since I wasn't used to the environment yet so he promised to come to my hostel (off campus tho).

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Finally, we met on a Thursday. Everything happened so fast Oh.....from gisting me about the school, to talking about how he got my number, the ceaseless calls.....and before I could spell Pinocchio in my head, our lips were already locked together....he started slowly and gradually, the heat intensified. I was lost in his arms, pressing against his six packs..........

By the time he let go of me, I was gasping for breathe....I had never felt a sensation so deep and that was how I got my first kiss and boyfriend too.............hmmmm....still feels like yesterday......(grins.......laughs).


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