Let's talk about expired glory, something about the "used to" syndrome......



Just before you go right into it, I would like you to read up the part 1part 2 and part 3 this story so that you can better understand the climax of the story here. When you're through with those, then you can enjoy the rest and concluding part of the story below:

She said I had been caught red-handed so I should just say the truth. 
"I won't beat you, I promise!" She persisted. I still refused to say anything so she picked up her phone and called her husband to rush back home because there was an emergency. This time, I became even more worried and confused at the same time. 

"Tell what it is now, Aunty?"

But she didn't say a word to me until my Uncle came in after 20 mins. She called Aunty Chika and we went to the parlor where I was asked to kneel down. Aunty Reen was still crying and could barely say a word so she signaled her friend to repeat what she had told her earlier.

Aunty Chika said she caught me


I tossed from one end of my Vita Foam bed to the other end. The noise going on in my head was just too much........

"Ahn ahn......what kind of yeye nightmare is this one now?"

I sunk my head further into the pillow to reduce the noise but it only grew louder and louder. Angrily, I stretched my hand towards the small table beside the bed, picked up my Techno Sparkle K9 and reluctantly opened my eyes to look at it while pressing the side button. What I saw shocked me!

"What? 8:15am keh? Mtchewww......." I hissed as I stood up from the bed.

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On a normal Saturday morning, I'd have woken up as early 6:30am to do some house chores before heading out for some extra curricular activities but the past week had been quite tedious so I had intended  to wake up by 11am at most and trust me, I made


I had joined the cultural troupe in church and started returning later than usual because rehearsals were held in the evenings. My immediate elder brother, Tola, was with me too since he was one of the drummers. We would get home by 8pm and dad would yell at us, whip my brother for jot bringing me back earlier. It was on one of such days that we got to realize that dad resented God , Christianity and everything that had to do with it so it always infuriated him whenever he got back from work only to be told we had gone to church - something about being frustrated with life & it's endless struggles, and it seemed like God wasn't even trying to help in any way possible.

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We could barely pay for our tuitions in school. There were times when we were sent home for not meeting up to one one financial commitment or the other. It really made dad unhappy and disappointed that he could not afford to provide for his family as he ought to.

On this particular day,


Another Abuja-based Prophet has also released some prophecies concerning Nigeria. It has been said that most of his prophecies concerning the nation in 2017 came to pass but you and I will have to be the judge for this one.........

Read full prophecies below:

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  • Between January and March 2018, life will still be tough. But from April, the economy of the children of God will begin to change positively. It will only improve from what it has been previously. From April, there will be money in circulation.       

  • Between now and April this year, there will be a cabinet reshuffle…many ministers holding key positions will not be heard any more. Others will be


My very first lesson of 2018 is that we won't always have things happen for us the way we want it, when we want it and even how we want it. But the truth still remains that life goes on regardless so all you'll have to do when things don't take the desired shape is to dust your feet and butts, and go on...

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You must learn to make lemonades out of those acidic lemons

I'm certainly glad to have you on AGJ again this year, and if its your very first time on the blog, you are most welcomeeeeeeeee! Thanks for starting this journey with me.

Now, I know that you have so many expectations and aspirations already. You know, the things you

My Eclipsed Scars & How I Found Christ - Part 2

Three months after we had settled in our new home, a  3-bedroom apartment, we joined the closest Catholic Church  and everything began to follow the usual routine again. Mum joined the C.W.O of that parish, my elder brothers joined the Rosary Brigade Guide & an O' War while I joined the Block Rosary Crusade  in preparation to receive the First Holy Communion.

How I looked forward to that day. I dreamt about it a lot - walking down the aisle in my white dress, my palms held together in front of me as i knelt in front the Priest (giggles...). Every Catholic child always looked forward to that titillating experience. I don't recall ever seeing dad visit the Church even  on Sundays, but as usual, it was okay since mum was already an active member so she prayed for him too. (I could only hope so).

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Did I mention  that dad was a principled disciplinarian? He was very strict, or rather - stern which s the word I'd prefer to use. We weren't allowed to visit friends and when  I persisted, he'd ask, "How many times has

My Eclipsed Scars & How I Found Christ Part 1

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Life is not a bed of roses and the sooner we come to terms with this reality, the better for us. We've also been told by our great motivational speakers and authors that we should let go of the past and it's baggage that would always keep us stagnant or draw us back if we keep holding on to it. But....

What if the past has refused to let us go? What if the past has