8 August 2018

OH NO!!! | CHRONICLES OF AN ABUJA ROAD USER #1 | Abujagirlsjournal

I just rolled my eyes and let out a heavy sigh of frustration at the okada man that was conveying me to my busstop. "Like seriously? God, you know I hate to enter this kind of okada o.....hian!"
I should have seen the signs earlier and of course, I did see the signs but chose to ignore my instincts ( I tend to do this a lot...what about you?)

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So I'm starting a new series called 'chronicles of an Abuja road user' where I'll be sharing my experiences and that of other road users in Abuja per time. Let me know what you think about it and if you'd love to see more of these, in the comment section below.

So on my way to work on this day, I stopped this okada man and didn't even tell him where

13 July 2018


By: Caleb Olorunmaiye 

The West African countries of Ghana and Nigeria have an ongoing rivalry between them akin to that of siblings. From football, to politics, to entertainment, citizens of each country always want to demonstrate their superiority over the other, howbeit not in a hateful or biased manner. It is always more bants than facts. There have been several episodes, of 'social media wars' or 'Twitter Fights' between citizens of both countries that leaves us all clutching our stomach with laughter. Through it all though, it is obvious that it is all love and sport.

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 In this post, we attempt to give reasons why Nigerians, despite the rivalry with their Ghanian counterparts, should visit the Gold Coast. Just like Nigeria, Ghana is rich in history, mineral resources, culture, tradition and places of interest to see and visit. 

Many Nigerians do not even know that in Ghana you have

6 July 2018

GETTING DUPED BY MY OYIBO LOVER | Online Dating Chronicles | Abujagirlsjournal

I was having a conversation one evening with a group of blogger-friends when one of them posted the screenshot of a message she got from a 'friend' online who supposedly wanted to send her some gift items and....voom! It brought to mind the incident that happened to me sometime in 2016 so I thought I'd share it with you, my lovely AGJ reader.

Let's get straight into the gist! Hahaha.......

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So I had just graduated from school and was waiting for my school's mobilization list, in preparation for NYSC - National Youth Service Corps (If you're not a Nigerian reading this and would want to know more about NYSC, let me know in the comment section).  My mother had tried severally to convince me to enroll in a fashion school and learn fashion designing while waiting for my NYSC program  but all her pleas fell on deaf ears. I didn't

3 June 2018


Have you  ever thought  about  how  your choices  affect  the earth's  wellbeing  and how you  can  minimize the impact  you  make on  the environment?
 How about  your health  and  that  of your children?
 How about  the  quality  of your life and  that  of other citizens  around  the world?
 How about  the air you  breathe every  second  and  the water you  drink  often? 

The wellbeing of our environment  has  being a  burning  topic  of  discussion  and  debate  all  around  the  world. Yet, it seems  that the more discussions  and  awareness are made/carried out, the more our environment  gets  polluted. 

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  But,  why  does  it  matter to  us? What  has  happened  over the years  that  has triggered  us  to  think  about  it? Could  it  be  our unforgivable,  inexplicable,  actions?

So  I  ask  myself,  as  I  want  you  to  ask  yourself too: What  are  we not  doing  right? 

18 May 2018


I really should start respecting the feelings of my dear readers by sticking to consistency, even though I'd rather have something tangible to offer than just drop any kind of junk here for you.  And I know that the more respect I show to my AGJ readers, the more respect they'll have for my blog, it's content and every other thing associated with it (and that includes me...."giggles"). After all, it's said that "respect is reciprocal".

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Long time no post! Hope you've been doing great for yourself and all of us........*winks*. If it's your first time here, then you must know that I love you from the bottom pot of my heart even though you can't see me right now yet the love is immense. You can stay up to date with Abujagirlsjournal by subscribing to my newsletter.

Talking about respect!

Honestly, I really think that respect is overrated. "You heard me". As Africans, especially Nigerians, we place

25 April 2018


April was my 'movers' month and that's because I got to attend my first official bloggers outing outing (the only time I leave my house is when I'm going to work, school, church or the market and my social life blogger/youtuber life has literally been crying for help. Am I the only one that's like this tho?) 

Hey guys, I'm sorry this post is coming quite late. It should have been up earlier, I know and I apologize for that. Still battling with this consistency thing especially since I started a 9-5 job. "The stress no beans at all".

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So this event was a Bloggers Meet & Greet with BBNaija's BamBam and it was held at Famous Potatoes. Famous Potatoes NG is a

20 April 2018


There is fire on the mountain, run, run, run
A big big fire.......

Hahaha.....if you've been following the 'Rumour Has It' series on NdaniTV then you know that the drama in this show is so intriguing and mind blowing. Episode 5 of season 2 just went live and it had me screaming like........... "O di gobe" (it has turned to trouble) hehe.

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As usual, the choice of music was amazing and in the right synchronization with each scene. The  picture quality was awesome too. Well, it's NdaniTV so we couldn't have expected anything less.

The drama and action started right from the beginning where Dolapo, in her ever amazing fashion sense, was about entering her car when

28 March 2018


🎊              🎊            🎊 
Another remarkable season that is celebrated by Christians asides Christmas is Easter and it's here. I can already feel the excitement in my palms as I'm typing this post. We love Easter......"well who doesn't? Haha.......". This is one season in Christendom that has so much drama around it. And you most certainly know that Easter marks the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and the Orthodox churches do not joke with it at all. But asides being the remembrance of Christ's death and resurrection, there are so many things that most people do not even know about this event and I'll be pointing just about 10 of those amazing facts about Easter that you never knew.

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*Clears throat*  
"You'll have to pardon my manners but then I have to