9 February 2018


I tossed from one end of my Vita Foam bed to the other end. The noise going on in my head was just too much........

"Ahn ahn......what kind of yeye nightmare is this one now?"

I sunk my head further into the pillow to reduce the noise but it only grew louder and louder. Angrily, I stretched my hand towards the small table beside the bed, picked up my Techno Sparkle K9 and reluctantly opened my eyes to look at it while pressing the side button. What I saw shocked me!

"What? 8:15am keh? Mtchewww......." I hissed as I stood up from the bed.

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On a normal Saturday morning, I'd have woken up as early 6:30am to do some house chores before heading out for some extra curricular activities but the past week had been quite tedious so I had intended  to wake up by 11am at most and trust me, I made
 sure of it.   Well, I was going to, until this people interrupted my sweet beauty sleep (rolls eyes and sighs). I just recognized the voice of Mama K as she was fondly called. I had no intention to be part of whatever was causing the chaos so I just moved closer to my kitchen door to hear what the noise was all about.

Naija PALAVA #1, Abuja blogger, Nigerian blogger, Nigerian content creator, PHCN issues, cons of PHCN, abujagirlsjournal RELATED POST: HOW I GOT MY FIRST KISS

"Which kain wahala be this now? Person no fit get peace of mind for this compound again abi wetin? I do bad thing follow una live for this compound neh?" Mama K yelled?

"Ehn............no mind them. Pay, them no go gree pay but if the light come now, they go wan follow enjoy am........mtchewwwww (she hissed). See baa, I no even go their office again to even beg again o", Mama Bisola chorused just before their partner interrupted

"Go where? Make them even carry the waya dey go am sef. Anybody wey no gree contribute this money, make we cut im light commot and that the person no go join our line again. Infact, I no go hide mouth talk am again. an that sister wey just carry wahala come give us for this area. Make una dey hear my voice now. If I suffer pay this money finish baa, we go......." Mama K was talking so fast I couldn't make out everything she had said.


Here we go again! No wonder I woke up feeling really sweaty. No light, again! Why is this issue so prevalent in this our anima self? And then, this young lady decides to add pepper to the injury by packing into the neighborhood. She almost never pays her bills on time to the detriment of others.

"So make we fry egg and malt give am before she go pay this one Abi?"

The most annoying thing about this one mow is that we'll have to pay reconnection fee since the PHCN people took the wires with them. "Double magana!"

"This matter don tire me o. God please, you have to do something about this light issue oo because I can't imagine going weeks without light in this house", I retorted as I walked back to the bed briskly, picked up my phone and slouched back on my pillow.

"I'll kuku lay down here and go through my social media platforms first before I start contemplating on how to move out of this neighborhood? Or what would you have me do......your suggestions are welcome"


And that was how my Saturday morning plans were ruined for me. Have you had similar experiences about this light issue in our beloved Naija? I'd love to hear your own story/experience in the comment section too.

Meanwhile, I'll like to start a section on the blog where upcoming artistes, business, celebrities and value creators will be profiled so that you can get to know them but I'd need to know if you like it first. If you do, please let me know in the comment section below and state which person or persons you'd like to see up on the blog first.